Internet 50 Hilarious Snapchats You Wish You Got  

Ariel Kana
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Snapchat has gone from the "sexting" app that we once thought it was, to a full blown social media and conversation tool. In some ways, the visual aspect of back-and-forth conversation makes Snapchat more effective than simply texting. It also has opened the door for all kinds of clever visual humor. (Hello, funny Snapchats!) Instead of texting your friends about the crazy guy you saw on the bus, you can now send a picture of the guy straight to your entire friends list.

The added bonus of being able to draw on the photos has turned everybody into an amateur artist. A simple selfie is no longer enough, now you have to add a hat, a beard, or an entire cartoon background to your photos. These 50 people have all used Snapchat in clever, creative, and hilarious ways, whether it was to make a joke out of their surroundings or to draw something into their environment. Check out the following Snapchats to gain inspiration for your next temporary masterpiece. 
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You Can Share When Life Sh*ts On You

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You Can Make Fascinating Environmental Observations

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You Can Share Tragedies

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