The Funniest Team Names for Softball

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Make no mistake, Softball is an extremely competitive sport. Well, the fast-pitch version of it is. It's worth clarifying that this list of funny softball team names is geared entirely towards the slow-pitch variation of the game. The kind that isn't really an actual sport and is more like a hobby. Usually played by bored office workers, drunken dads reliving their glory days on the diamond, or completely unathletic people that finally have a chance to get involved in something somewhat active because the pitches never really get faster than, well, let's say 20mph.

Make no mistake again, I'm not knocking slow-pitch softball. It's gratuitously fun, and that's exactly how it should be treated. Fun. Period. With that sentiment in mind, here's a list of some funny softball team names that you and your best buds might want to steal (that's a pun) for your own team of weekend warriors in desperate need of some athletic escapism. So, whether it be slow pitch softball and fast pitch softball, these are some great names!

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  • The Stepdad's- Cuz We Beat You and You Hate Us
    145 votes

    The Stepdad's- Cuz We Beat You and You Hate Us

  • Balls Deep
    148 votes

    Balls Deep

  • Bat Attitude
    200 votes

    Bat Attitude

  • The Benchwarmers
    127 votes

    The Benchwarmers

  • The Dirt Eaters
    67 votes

    The Dirt Eaters

  • The Grand Salamis
    79 votes

    The Grand Salamis