The Funniest Songs About Getting Old

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It's healthy to laugh at the idea of getting older. After all, it happens to everyone, like it or not. So perhaps it's not surprising that some of the funniest songs ever are about getting older. These funny getting old songs are from virtually every genre of music, including country, rock, folk, and soul. Some are hilarious outright parody songs, with lyrics lamenting some of the more common issues that befall the elderly – like not being able to find glasses or remember much of anything. Other tunes celebrate the advantages of aging over youth.

Just because you’re a little more mature doesn’t mean you have to slow down. One of the great silly songs about getting old, “Old Folks Boogie” by Little Feat, makes this clear. The folks in this song are old, but they’re still spinning “one more yarn,” at least in their heads, “Cause to us the thought’s as good as a thrill.” Some of the funniest songs about getting old were, ironically, written by younger people. Paul McCartney wrote what is arguably one of the greatest funny aging songs, “When I’m Sixty Four,” when he was just a teenager. He later pulled it out and into The Beatles’ repertoire in 1966 – the year his father turned 64.

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