The Funniest Songs About People

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Sometimes, you just need to just sit back, listen, and laugh. That's where the songs on this list come in. From ridiculous lyrics to tongue-in-cheek deliveries, these are the funniest songs about people of all time.

Some of the best silly songs about people come from the country genre. Just consider Johnny Cash’s “A Boy Named Sue” – penned by famously funny author Shel Silverstein. “Redneck Woman” and “Famous People” are other great examples of rib-tickling country songs about people.

Hilarious songs about other people also include some tunes that certain people have found offensive. Randy Newman’s “Short People” is a prime example. Newman himself has stated he isn’t crazy about the song anymore, calling it a “novelty record.” And yes, some people of diminutive size might find it in bad taste. Does it deserve to be on a list of funny people songs? Vote it down if you don’t think so.

Which of these funny songs about people is the best of the best? It's time to decide. Give these tracks a listen and vote for the ones that truly make you laugh out loud.

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