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Harmless (But Hilarious) Sorority House Pranks To Pull On Your Sisters

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It doesn't have to be April Fools' Day for you to pull off some hilarious pranks. In fact, if you live in a sorority house, you know it's always open prank season. You have to prepare to keep your sisters on their toes year-round. As long as you put together the best pranks to pull on your sorority sisters, you won't have to worry about them duping you.

Whether you nab a sister's phone for an ingenious text prank or make the whole house walk in circles for hours, you'll be at the top of your game. Your sisters won't know what hit them.

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    Become The Monster Under The Bed

    Your sorority sister's cat naps give you enough time to set up a quick prank. Take her phone and move it out of her reach, maybe on the desk. Make sure her ringer is on full blast, then hide under the bed. When you give her a call, she'll wake up to go grab her phone. That's when you'll strike. Reach out, and grab her ankles to spook her into next week.

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    Put A "Please Use Other Door" Sign On Every Door

    Waking up earlier than your sisters has benefits if you're the house prankster. While your sisters snore away, post signs around the house letting them know the doors are broken. Put up a "Please Use Other Door" sign on every door, with arrows pointing in the direction of their next destination. Watch everyone circle around the house trying to find a working door while you move with ease.

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    Set Obnoxious Or Awkward Alarm Ringtones

    Change her alarm ringtone to something totally embarrassing, and set it for an unexpected time, maybe during a hot date or biology class. The world will learn all about her obsession with early Justin Bieber tracks or the classic My Little Pony theme song.

    The new ringtone doesn't have to be music, either. Consider awkward sound effects or a loud scream – whatever will really set your sister off.

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    Turn The Floor Into Water

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    This one can get messy, so pick up any electronics or valuables beforehand. Buy a few sleeves of Solo cups, making sure there are enough to fill an entire room. Fill all the cups with water, and place them close together on the floor in your sister's bedroom. Either your sister will step on them (and thoroughly freak out when she does), or she'll have to pick them all up one by one.

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