Total Nerd 17 Hilarious Examples of SpongeBob Logic That Make No Sense  

Zack Howe
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When the creators of SpongeBob SquarePants put their hero in a pineapple under the sea, they wrote themselves into a corner. But because they did, we are blessed with hilarious SpongeBob logic that makes no sense pretty much all the time. There isn't exactly a surplus of logic in cartoons like Pokémon, or video games such as The Legend of Zelda, or, well, most forms of entertainment, but more than most there is some seriously flawed SpongeBob logic.

Some of the nonsense is so out there that it inspires insane yet believable fan theories – crabs don't generally father whales. The more likely explanation, though, is that there is no explanation. No one involved in the creation process concerns themselves with logic. And why should they? Thanks to their lack of diligence, their show is all the more hilarious.

Here are a bunch of funny SpongeBob memes that point out just how little regard Mr. SquarePants has for trivial things such as reality and physics. 

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Only Some Things Are Impervious To Water


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Strength Is Subjective


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Spongebob Makes Bathing So Much More Complicated Than It Needs To Be


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Some Fish Can't Swim In Certain Types Of Water Under The Water In Which They're Already Swimming...


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