The Greatest Sports Mascot Fails Ever

Funny mascots at sporting events have been around forever. You know when you go to a game that you are going to see a big furry animal entertaining the crowd. Almost every team has one and they all are very similar. They get in front of the crowd, they dance or do a little stunt, and then they leave and reappear during the next stoppage of play. However, sometimes these dances or stunts don't go exactly as planned. Some mascots like to take risks, and as we know with risk comes the possibility of failure. This is a list of the 20 greatest sports mascot fails ever. Some of these fails look like they hurt, some look embarrassing, but give the mascots credit because in glory or shame, they never stop entertaining. 
Photo: YouTube

  • 1

    Jazz Bear Fails on Stilts


  • 2

    Jumping Over Fire is Always a Bad Idea


  • 3

    When Teeter-Totting Goes Horribly Wrong


  • 4

    Balancing on Glass is Hard to Do


  • 5

    Dinosaurs Probably Shouldn't Rollerblade


  • 6

    Be Careful Where You Moonwalk