Funny Names to Give a Squirrel

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Have you adopted a squirrel as a pet? Give that sweet little critter a creative name - everyone deserves one. This list of squirrel names ranges from funny and clever squirrel names and puns to cool, classic squirrel names. Pick your favorites!

If you’re looking for some funny squirrel name ideas, why not start with some famous squirrels throughout history, real and fictional? Rocky, or Rocket J. Squirrel, is one of the most recognizable cartoon characters around. This name is a lock if you’re a fan of the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show. Can’t get enough of the Ice Age movies? Chances are, Scrat the sabre-tooth squirrel is one big reason. This poor guy can’t catch a break, but if you name your squirrel after him, you can make sure he gets all the acorns he wants.

Other notable names for pet squirrels include “Secret” (from Secret Squirrel), “Sandy Cheeks” (from SpongeBob SquarePants), and “Slappy” or “Skippy” squirrel (from Animaniacs).

When it comes to cute pet squirrel name ideas, you can’t go wrong with “Nibbles,” “NutterButter,” or “Peanut."

Vote for your favorite funniest squirrel names here, and good luck with your new rodent friend!

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