34 Times People Made Innocent Things Horribly Inappropriate

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Funny statue pictures are a staple of our sightseeing and museum-going society, from the hilarious things you can do with the Washington Monument, to the unspeakable things you can do to ancient sculptures of men and women from a time before society even existed. Funny poses with sculptures date back to the invention of the photograph; nay, to the the statue itself, as people undoubtedly desecrated even the most well-loved pieces of art from the day they were made. 

People have been bored by statues since they were invented, so why not have some fun with them? Funny sculpture pictures almost always come from the most innocent status. Famous statues of naked women or men aren't usually the victims of the photographic ridicule of the public, but those unassuming Ronald McDonalds, Peter Pans, and other well-meaning characters sure are! 

Here are the funniest sculpture pictures that people have taken. Vote for the funniest statue recreation picture below!