19 Hilarious STD Billboards and PSAs

You can't be too careful when it comes to navigating the wild world of dating. What with all the Tinders and the Grindrs and all of that. Luckily, with the proper protection and the proper education, STDs are easily avoided. Which these funny STD PSAs can teach you... and make you laugh at the same time, which really is the best way to learn.

After all, why sit around the marketing office all day trying to come up with a polite way to say “make sure you don’t have herpes” when you can instead utilize the power of humor via funny STD check billboards that are far more likely to get noticed? These are some of the funniest, and all around attention grabbing std check billboards ever hoisted up in front of unsuspecting motorists. Among them you’ll find everything from funny ads that work in modern political puns to hilarious ads from the 1940’s that are funny for a, well, different reason.

These funny STD billboards are here to remind you that if you’re gonna play the game, you might as well play it safe.