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People Who Were Most Obviously High in Interviews

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We’ve never been interviewed on TV, but we can imagine that getting high can take the edge off  staring down the barrel of a camera. The only problem with that is, once you’re stoned, there’s no telling what’s going to happen once the camera starts rolling. There’s a wonderful history of people high on camera—from rock stars, to actors, and even regular people who got caught in the crosshairs of local TV. Take a look at all of the people caught high on this list and do your best to stay somewhat sober if you’re going to be in a situation where the cameras are rolling.

Some of the funny high people on this list are notorious for getting stoned and chatting with a television presenter. Guys like Snoop Dogg, Lil’ Wayne, and Blake Anderson make no bones about their love of getting high. But it’s the people that you wouldn’t expect to give a funny stoned interview that really shine on this collection of people were sooooo high on TV. Some of the interviews are a little cringeworthy, but we won’t fault you for watching through your fingers. Get out the Visine and bust out the onion dip, it’s time to watch people give interviews while they were super high.

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