23 Times People Were Banned From Places For The Most Hilarious Reasons

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    Walmart Smart

    From Redditor u/jlenney1:

    I got banned from Walmart probably 22 years ago for grabbing one of the microphones and broadcasting over the store that it was closing in 10 minutes, and the dogs will be released shortly after

    The security guard told me that it was hilarious, but I’m not welcome back lol

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    You Sneaky Dog

    From Redditor u/Phormicidae:

    I got "banned" from Six Flags Great Adventure (NJ) several times in the early 90s. Back when I was in high school, season passes were like $40 or something, making it a no brainer to buy one if you intended to go at least twice. My friend and I went probably 5-7 days a week since we lived close by. We knew the park and its operations better than pretty much anyone who didn't work there, and eventually grew too comfortable with taking shortcuts through employee areas, trying to climb things we shouldn't, bothering other guests, and overall being a bunch of New Jersey Teenagers (aka jerks).

    Thing is, the only IDs we had on us were our Season Passes, which we always assigned fake names for no preplanned reason. (Summer of 1994 my pass said Oskar Schindler). We eventually got in so much trouble they would take our passes and tell us we were banned for life. Well, another $40 at the front gate and boom, back in as Itzhak Stern. They needed at that time to figure out the flaws in their system.

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    It's For The Birds

    From Redditor u/Cup-Mundane:

    Feeding the seagulls. We ruined the entire upper decks dining experience with a few french fries. Dozens, maybe 100 swarmed. It was like a scene from The Birds. People had to evacuate.

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    From Redditor u/Jealous-Network-8852:

    My friend and I were “Banned for Life” from a Casino in Las Vegas 20 something years ago. We had gone for his 21st birthday which was the week prior. Despite being of legal age he looked appropriately 12. After being carded by a cocktail waitress for the 700th time, she recommended he go to the security desk, show his ID, and get a stamp on his hand showing he was 21, that way he wouldn’t have to keep pulling out his license. Great. We go to security, they stamp my hand in 2 seconds, but start examining his ID real closely. They pull out the guidebook for all of the State’s driver’s licenses. They call over a supervisor. Finally they just say “No, sorry, this is fake. It says Under 21 on it.” My friend at first calmly tried to explain that he turned 21 the week before, and was Under 21 when he got the license, which is why it was on there. He lived in one state, was going to college in another, and hadn’t gone home to renew his license yet, but it wasn’t expired so it was valid. They said “This is a private establishment, we’re not comfortable with it, and we’re asking you to leave.” Now he had a bad temper, which I knew, and he had been drinking. I tried to diffuse the situation and said “Hey, fuck this place. There’s 100 casinos on the strip. Let’s go somewhere else.” He agreed and we headed for the door. 10 feet from the exit I hear “F*** it, I’m giving that a**hole a piece of my mind.” Five minutes later we were escorted to a room off the floor, had our pictures taken, and were told we were banned for life, and if we ever returned we would be charged with trespassing. I haven’t been back to Vegas since that, but if I do I’d like to walk in to test their facial recognition software lol.

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    Mamma Mia

    From Redditor u/biggieknish:

    my family has been banned from a local Marcos pizza for yeaaars because of my mom. she used to have some anger issues and also really really loves garlic butter. when the Marcos forgot to include the garlic butter with the order she called and asked them to deliver the single cup of garlic butter to our house. the Marcos (reasonably) said they can't do that, but she could come get it. she stormed over there with our pizza and proceeded to smear the whole thing on their windows and counters. haven't had Marcos since.

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    Are You That Somebody?

    From Redditor u/Retrosonic82:

    I got mistaken for somebody else whilst on holiday a few years back. I popped into a local shop to grab a sandwich & drink and a staff member forcefully marched over to me and yelled “you’re not allowed in here! I’ve told you before!” as she grabbed my sandwich and bottle of water from me & put them back. I of course tried to protest and explained that I had never been in there before and was a visitor to the area but she gestured for the security guard to come over to escort me out and stood watching us from a distance with her arms folded and a smug look on her face, occasionally shouting “if she doesn’t go, I’m calling the police!”. Thankfully the security guard was a little more understanding about the situation and happily looked at my driving license which proved I lived in a different area (I offered to show it) but said “perhaps it would be best if you didn’t come in here again!”