The Funniest Storytelling Comedians Of 2022

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Who are the funniest storytelling comedians of 2022? Becoming a great stand-up comic is tough. Becoming a great long form storyteller is another beast on its own. All of the funniest storyteller comedians are unique, hardworking, and hilarious. Who is the funniest storytelling comedian in 2022? Which of the best storytelling stand up comedians do you love?

When it comes to the funniest storytellers right now, stand up comics like Bert Kreischer, Mike Birbiglia, or Iliza Shlesinger whose legendary “The Machine,” “Sleepwalking,” and “Liar Boyfriend” stories spawned their own movie adaptations, are atop the list. Hysterical stories from some of the funniest comedians of all time, like funny storyteller comedians Joey Diaz, Theo Von, and Ms. Pat, will have you in stitches. Lest we forget hilarious storytellers like Roy Wood Jr., Sean Patton, and Marc Maron.

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