The Funniest Things Bored Students Have Drawn in Their Textbooks

After the teacher tells you to turn to a random page in your textbook, it's only natural for your mind to wander and your creativity to kick in. While some might call it vandalism, one can also see it as artistic expression, as the the funniest textbook drawings done by students on this list show. Thanks to the creative but bored across America's schools, the Internet has been graced with hilarious textbook doodles that will make you see boring school books in a new light.

On this list, you will what creative students can do with Neanderthals, historical figures, and pretty much any kind of unsuspecting textbook illustration. Like the art you would see in museums, the drawings you see here will also remain forever in the textbooks, inspiring generations of students to put their own creative spin on a picture of Karl Marx or Abe Lincoln. Of course, some textbooks are so funny they don't even need the additional humor of a student's "improvements." But that's another list entirely.