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The Funniest Comic Book Superheroes

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Who are the funniest comic book characters and superheroes? It seems like too many superheroes and comic books are too grim. Everything is just too serious. There needs to be a little more humor and fun in comics. Luckily, there are some comic book characters out there that know how to have a little fun and crack a few jokes. 

Humor in comics is making a comeback and there are handful of funny superheroes out there. Everyone from Deadpool to The Tick to Rocket Raccoon makes an appearance on this list of funniest superheroes. Some of their humor is straight slapstick, while others rely on funny one-liners or witty banter, but there's plenty to go around for these funny superheroes. 
  • Flash
    Photo: DC Comics
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  • Plastic Man
    Photo: DC Comics
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  • Human Torch
    Photo: Marvel Comics
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  • Tick
    Photo: New England Comics
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