The Funniest Things That Ever Happened on Supermarket Sweep  

Ashley Reign
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In case you're not familiar, Supermarket Sweep was an old school game show first brought to life in the late '60s that died away only to enjoy a revamp in the early 1990s. Here you'll find a collection of funny Supermarket Sweep fails, victories, and moments that personify what it was that made the show so great. So get ready for a blast from the past via the huge bangs, shameless sweatpants, and other '90s style gems featured in these hilarious Supermarket Sweep videos and GIFs!

If you don't remember the show, here's a refresher. Every episode began with traditional rounds of questions and quickly descended into chaos where you could watch contestants tear through a makeshift supermarket like toddlers on espresso, piling as many items into shopping carts as humanly possible. As you might imagine, hilarity often ensued as the shoppers flew down the aisles giving zero f*cks about much except the coveted title of Supermarket Sweep winner. Was it worth it? What did they even win on this show? 

It's clear who the real winners are. It's us, right now, getting to rewatch the funniest fails from Supermarket Sweep. So bust out your shopping bags, clip those coupons, and relive the insanity as you watch these funny Supermarket Sweep fails.

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