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Funny Names to Give a Tarantula

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If you’re looking for some great tarantula name ideas, you’re in luck. This list of tarantula names includes a myriad of different name choices for your furry new eight-legged buddy. Tarantulas make excellent pets, and they deserve a moniker befitting this fact.

When thinking of a name for a tarantula, you can always come up with a few based on the spider’s mannerisms or appearance. For example, Barb might work well – because while tarantulas are generally mild mannered, if cornered of threatened, they have sharp barbs on their abdomens – which they’ll pull off with their legs and throw at you. See? Barb. Works like a charm. Fluffy or Fuzzy might also work well, since tarantulas are both. And Legs! Legs is perfect – though if you’d like to be more formal, Mr. Skinny Legs works well (he’s a character on Peppa Pig).

If you’re looking for some creative, clever, or cool names for pet tarantulas, go with fictional characters. Charlotte, Harry, and Spidey are all great choices – and super obvious. Consider Aragog (from Harry Potter), Little Miss Muffet, or Itsy/Bitsy from the children’s nursery rhyme.  Shelob, from a J.R.R. Tolkien book, is also a unique pet tarantula name.

 Vote up your favorite choices on this list of pet tarantula name ideas. If you love funny tarantula names, feel free to add to this list and help everyone out!

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List Rules: Vote up the funniest, most clever names to give a pet tarantula.