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15 Hilarious Teacher Test Comments

As anyone who has ever sat in a classroom can tell you, the life of a teacher is far from easy. For every young mind that a teacher inspires, and for every child's life they work tirelessly to change, there's always at least one or two kids who would rather be anywhere else in the world besides their desks. Teaching might be one of the toughest - yet most rewarding - gigs on the planet, and some teachers definitely take their jobs to the next comedic level with funny test comments. Below, you'll find a collection of teachers who have seen and heard it all, and they are prepared to whip out witty replies with their trusty red pens.

Teachers and professors may be older and more mature than their wisecracking students, but they know that's no reason to always let the kids have the last laugh. These funny teacher comments are sure to brighten your day and remind you that sometimes, humor can be just as powerful as knowledge. Vote up the most hilarious teacher test comments!

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    One Does Not Simply Walk Out Of The Final

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    This Teacher Knows Her Top 40

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    The Way To This Teacher's Heart Is Definitely Not Plush

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    Subtly Is Not This Teacher's Strong Point

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