The Funniest Team Names for Dentists

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So, you're a dentist. I bet you know lots of good dental jokes.  Dentistry's really cool. I don't know how you do it. I would never be able to bring myself to have my hands all in other peoples mouths all day every day - it's just not for me. But it IS for you, and that's terrific because the world needs dentists.

But hey, just because you're a dentist that doesn't mean that you're a complete bore all of the time, even though you probably are that lady or gentleman in the neighborhood that gives out toothpaste on Halloween. Side note, stop doing that. Let the kids have ONE night. Also, you're costing yourself money by preventing cavities. It's bad for business.

Anyway, You're a dentist but you like to have fun. Maybe your office kickball team needs a wacky name. Maybe you sponsored a softball team. Maybe your local TV commercial needs a zany catchphrase to let people know that you'll clean their teeth but you've also got a sense of humor and understand puns. Well, that's why this list exists.

This is a list of some funny names for groups of dentists of any sort. Vote for your favorites now! Rank away! 
Most divisive: The Whole Tooth And Nothing But The Tooth
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  • Struck By Whitening
    171 votes

    Struck By Whitening

  • You Can't Handle The Tooth!
    89 votes

    You Can't Handle The Tooth!

  • Caps And Crowns
    95 votes

    Caps And Crowns

  • Get Tootha Choppa!
    58 votes

    Get Tootha Choppa!

  • Bi-Molar
    53 votes


  • Invisalignbackers
    56 votes