The Funniest Things Ever Found in Textbooks

Whether you're in primary school, high school, or college, textbooks are the bane of a student's existence. For all we know, teachers probably hate textbooks, too (although we wouldn't know about that, we're not squares). Not only are school textbooks back-breaking piles of dead tree, but you can only use them for one semester (at best), so if you're one of the millions of students who has to buy their books, you're stuck with a pile of useless information like some kind of nerd. Hopefully, this list of the funniest things ever found in class textbooks will turn that mopey student frown upside down.

Textbooks are like food for your brain, so when your textbook is all wonky, full of inadvertent jokes, or straight-up inappropriate pictures and graphics, how can you expect to learn anything? After looking through all of these goofy photos and hilarious facts from textbooks for this list, we're beginning to think that the folks who work for the textbook manufacturers love messing with students. Or maybe they're hoping that their dumb drawing will make it to the front page of our website. If that's the case, GET BACK TO WORK!

For everyone else, laugh and heave at this list of the funniest drawings, images, and pictures ever found in all sorts of textbooks. After you collect yourself, vote up the funny textbook pictures below.

  • 1. SAT Prep Accurately Predicts Your Future

    SAT Prep Accurately Predicts Your Future
    Photo: u/hightechkid9 / Reddit
  • 2. We Always Knew He Was A Strong Swimmer

    We Always Knew He Was A Strong Swimmer
    Photo: Imgur
  • 3. Need A Hand? Here's One!

    Need A Hand? Here's One!
    Photo: A Former Redditor / Reddit
  • 4. Hello To You Too

    Hello To You Too
    Photo: A Redditor / Reddit