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These Glitches From The Sims Prove That Reality Is An Endless Sea Of Madness

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The Sims can be a fun distraction from day-to-day life by creating unique experiences for your virtual family, but that's only half of the fun. The other half is all the glitches in The Sims that create funny yet nightmarish scenarios. Playing through and finding all of The Sims bugs can be just as entertaining as the actual game.

The Sims glitch-fest is arguably more fun than the game itself. Character models going akimbo, collision detection glitches that cause items to merge, and other outrageous glitches plague the game. Many of these funny Sims glitches have been posted, retweeted, and shared on Tumblr for all to enjoy in laughter or screech in terror.

We compiled a list of some the most outrageous glitches uncovered in The Sims for you to enjoy, giggle about, scream at, and rank. Here's our list of the most gross and/or hilarious glitches ever discovered in the The Sims video game series.