16 Funny Tip Jars That Would Earn Your Quarters

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Funny tip jars are a great way to squeeze every last cent out of people at any place of business that underpays employees as much as it overcharges customers. When creativity is pretty much at a standstill at any job that requires tip jars, creative ones often not only provide workers with an outlet, but also give customers a smile... and a reason to actually use the tip jar.

Pictures of these jars are all over the web. Instagram even has a hashtag called #tipjar, and that's just the singular one - you'll also find #tipjars, #tipping, #baristas, and plenty of others. 

Lots of tipping jars (or whichever receptacle any restaurant, coffee shop, or otherwise sets out for tipping) use a brilliant tactic: making it a tip jar contest. For example, they'll label one jar "Batman" and another "Superman," or they'll pose a question like, "Who would win in a fight, Wolverine or The Hulk?" People vote with their dollars, so the venue offers a visual public consensus, and all the awesome, hardworking employees get more money. 

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  • 1. Women Ftw

    Women Ftw
    Photo: Pinterest
    1,585 votes
  • 2. I'd Go Walken

    I'd Go Walken
    Photo: Imgur
    1,212 votes
  • 3. No Fear

    No Fear
    Photo: Pinterest
    1,125 votes
  • 4. Nemo Nooooooo

    Nemo Nooooooo
    Photo: Pinterest
    1,072 votes
  • 5. The One You See Everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

    The One You See Everywhere. EVERYWHERE.
    Photo: Pinterest
    1,017 votes
  • 6. Ross Has Always Been Pretty Ghetto

    973 votes