The Most Ridiculous Titles Of Nobility In History

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The concept of nobility is kind of silly. Just because your great-great-grandfather was a duke doesn’t mean you should get a fancy title yourself. But some people just need an official nickname to make themselves feel important, and that kind of thinking is the reason there are so many weird royal titles floating around. Some of the titles were placed on the heads of the nobles by their family members, and some funny royal titles were given by their constituents and friends who were critical of their policies - and the names kind of stuck. If you’re tangentially related to nobility and need some inspiration for what to call yourself, check out these weird royal titles in history and get to brainstorming.

There are all sorts of silly nicknames and titles in the world of royalty, but some members of the royal family of England have taken their weird noble titles too far - so much so that some can't even be shared in polite company. As you’ll soon come to find, there’s one modern royal who has so many titles that it would take a paragraph just to type them all down. There are definitely some head-scratchers in these weird titles of nobility, and the less effectual the noble is, the more sarcastic the title sounds. As you read these silly nobility titles, vote up the strangest and silliest titles held by royals and nobility throughout history.