TMI Facebook Posts That No One Wanted to See

Whether you hate social media or you're basically one step away from getting your phone surgically attached to your hand, one thing's for sure: You're going to be forced to deal with at least one a**hole who posts gross and inappropriate TMI on their page. Everybody knows somebody like this - that rando you met at a party, an old friend from high school, or your trashy cousins. It seems like someone is always posting about their red hot sex life or post-Taco Bell diarrhea, and they don't seem to understand that that sort of Internet content is literally THE WORST. Check out this list of hilarious examples of people getting a little too liberal with their informative posts.

Are you afraid that you might be a TMI Facebook poster? If you've recently posted graphic details regarding your sex life, your bowel movements, or your disputes with family members, you're guilty. For those of us who know the difference between personal and public information, we can still get a kick out of these people who embarrassed themselves by baring it all. Vote up your favorite funny Facebook fails!

  • 1. Oh No, Poor Rosa...

    Oh No, Poor Rosa...
    Photo: Facebook
  • 2. At Least She Thought It Was A Private Message

    At Least She Thought It Was A Private Message
    Photo: Pinterest
  • 3. Years Of Therapy Will Probably Solve This

  • 4. Just... Gross

    Just... Gross
    Photo: Facebook