13 Tombstones of People Who Died Laughing

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Sure, cemeteries can be scary, sad, and lonely places. But just because you’re walking among the dead doesn’t mean you have to be a Gloomy Gus. There’s plenty of humor to be found on those well-manicured lawns (even if it is gallows’ humor). Some people left behind a little gift of comedic gold in the form their funny tombstone quotes and humorous epitaphs. Why not? Everyone's going to go someday, right? These guys decided to have one last laugh.

Beyond the puns on these funny tombstones, there are the gravestones that are hilarious without trying to be. Whether it’s because they had ridiculous names (Mr. and Mrs. Pancake, we’re looking at you), or accidentally made an off color joke, hopefully these people would be pleased that they can still put a smile on someone's face long after they're gone. It’s a long-lasting and wonderful memorial. Death isn't funny, but grave stones can be!