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If you were a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, then you know Tommy Lenk. He played nerdy villain Andrew Wells on the series, and went on to tons of roles after the show finally wrapped. But he arguably found his true calling off screen: he dresses up like other celebs in high fashion spoofs.

Using items he finds around his house, some incredible craft skills, and a jaw-dropping ability to pose, Lenk recreates red carpet glamor with hysterical results. Just look at how perfectly he channels Nicole Kidman's facial expressions, and how he becomes Tilda Swinton with nothing more than a few pieces of fabric. Lenk's Instagram page is blowing up because of his stellar transformations. His handmade outfits are the stuff of legend. Honestly, the man should be given an Emmy for these hilarious looks for less.

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This Version Of Maison Margiela Is Budget-Friendly And Fierce


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His Version Of Acne Studio's Runway Look Might Be Edgier Than The Original


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He Makes "Fall" Look Effortless


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Paris Fashion Week Still Doesn't Know What Hit 'Em


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