Absolutely Hilarious Trump Book Reports Put Donald's Spin on Literature 

Kellen Perry
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Around the end of the third 2016 presidential debate, St. Louis Alderman Antonio French set off a tweetstorm by mocking Donald Trump's foreign policy answers, saying they sound like "a book report from a teenager who hasn't read the book." Thus, #trumpbookreport was born!

By the next afternoon, Twitter was chock-full of hilarious Trump book reports, with tweets incorporating Shakespeare, Harry Potter, Charlotte's Web, and even Les Miserables. The best funny Trump book report tweets crossed Trump's distinctive tweeting style, his unconventional skills as an orator, and note-perfect references to literary favorites. Funny!

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The Wizard of Dr. Oz
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Not Thine First Choice?
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Grapes in a Nutshell
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Curious Donald
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