19 Tumblr Posts We Saw This Month That Prove Its Users Are Unhinged And Hilarious

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From accidentally summoning parents to why movie adaptations of books draw the ire of fans, here are some of the best Tumblr posts we've seen this month. Enjoy!

  • 1. Villain Arc

    Villain Arc
    Photo: u/whoisahryz / Reddit
    19 votes
  • 2. Appy Slices

    Appy Slices
    Photo: u/adolf_dripler_pog / Reddit
    65 votes
  • 3. The Importance Of Rest

    The Importance Of Rest
    Photo: u/Moscatano / Reddit
    41 votes
  • 4. The Best Part Of Dragonball

    The Best Part Of Dragonball
    Photo: u/B-L-O-C-K-S / Reddit
    12 votes
  • 5. Aging Tumblr Base

    Aging Tumblr Base
    Photo: u/Bruhmystaff / Reddit
    20 votes
  • 6. Live, Love, Laugh

    Live, Love, Laugh
    Photo: u/galicismovi / Reddit
    36 votes