22 Random Tumblr Posts We Saw This Month That Made Us Laugh Way Too Hard

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From how people are reacting to the casting of the Super Mario Bros. movie to truly how wholesome haunted houses can be, here are some of our favorite Tumblr posts we've seen this month. Enjoy!

  • 1. The Cost Of Winning Is Steep

    The Cost Of Winning Is Steep
    Photo: u/My_Memes_Will_Cure_U / Reddit
    7 votes
  • 2. Whoops!

    Photo: u/leakytoquito / Reddit
    7 votes
  • 3. Shoutout

    Photo: u/Pazluz / Reddit
    5 votes
  • 4. Wholesome Haunted House

    Wholesome Haunted House
    Photo: u/cherrythrow7 / Reddit
    11 votes
  • 5. Teamwork

    Photo: u/BandaidPuppet / Reddit
    9 votes
  • 6. Nerd

    Photo: u/cherrythrow7 / Reddit
    9 votes