Tweets About Being Single That Are Painfully True
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Tweets About Being Single That Are Painfully True

As hilarious tweets about being single have been proving since, well the invention of Twitter, humor is among the most important weapons for singles everywhere to perpetually arm themselves with. Though being single isn't always a fairytale come true, the following tweets prove that it's not without it's bright side, no matter how dim it seems sometimes. So the next time you're feeling a little low about your solo-status, rest assured that these funny tweets about being single are here to remind you that you're definitely not alone. 

Here you'll find hysterical single tweets from others (like yourself) who have loved, lost, and eaten a shit ton of ice cream to dull the cold, harsh realities of a broken heart. You'll meet gals suffering through the pain of attempting handy work themselves and guys who maybe spend a little too much time in the women's section at Dillard's, dreaming of better days.

So don't let the single life get you down. After all, there are plenty of fish in the sea and there is always this hilarious collection of funny single tweets to keep a grin on your face in the meantime.

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