Twitter The 69 Funniest Sex Tweets Ever Tweeted  

Ashley Reign
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Ah, social media! It connects us to each other on a global scale, for better or worse! We can do what humans were always meant to do: share jokes about sex, bemoan the opposite sex, and share dirty tweets on a massive scale. This collection celebrates the innovations of the modern era by gathering a collection of some of the most hilarious tweets about sex on Twitter.

Ever wondered if other women have the same problems you do when your emotions are a slave to your hormones and the pizza guy’s just hot enough to not to regret it? Ever felt the need to reach out to other dudes about whether you’re the only one who’s starting to suspect that what women really want may or may not include a bizarre combination of great sex, babies, and Chipotle? Wonder no more with this hysterical collection of sex tweets guaranteed to give you at least one or two answers to all those burning questions you’ve always been too scared to ask.

Whether you’re looking for brilliantly cheesy pick-up lines, hard-earned wisdom about the opposite sex, or simply validation that it’s not just you, you'll find it here. No matter where you’re at in your current sex life, there's a little something for everyone.
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