mockery 58 Typos That Made These Situations Awkward  

Jacob Shelton
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Mistakes. Everybody makes them, but not everyone has the bad luck of having their grammar errors broadcast to the world via the Internet. These people sure do, though! Some of the funny typos on this list are understandable, but most of them aren't as innocuous. Whatever the reason, all of the typos and funny misspellings collected here definitely made life more awkward for everyone involved. Ordering two scoops of "butt finger crunch" in a waffle cone sounds a little embarrassing.

When you think about it, anyone could have made the mistakes on this list. From scholars to newscasters and housewives, everyone forgets to do a spelling and grammar check from time to time. In most cases it's nothing to be embarrassed of, but the people responsible for the sign and newspaper typos shown here probably want to hide under a rock until the end of time. 

Some of the mistakes on this list are small, but most of them are big, and they all made things uncomfortable for everyone involved. It's highly likely that a few people lost their jobs after some of these spelling fails. If they didn't, then hopefully they were sent back to the second grade to learn the basic rules of spelling and grammar.

Vote up the most awkward and egregious typos and spelling and grammar mistakes below. And remember to always check your spelling. 

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