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We know you used to dance and lip-sync to Britney Spears when you were younger. We just know. But did you know some of the most heroic men and women in the United States Armed Services do too? Yes, it's true. These hilarious, heart-warming music videos of America's bravest show these awesome people not only giving their lives to protect ours, but also gettin' down to the day's hottest tracks (and some classic jams).

All across the globe, in some of the most dangerous places, like Afghanistan, U.S. troops are keeping positive attitudes and showing off their senses of humor with the funny, and funky, music videos below. All branches of the U.S. Military are getting in on the fun, from the Navy, Army, Marines, and Air Force and they've mastered a variety of musical genres as well. Troops and veterans have sung along to hits from Bruno Mars and Adele and done their own take on the Harlem Shake.

Did you think Frozen madness and "Let It Go" had either died down or not reached every single last corner of the Earth? Well, you'd be wrong on both fronts. It turns out our fearless veterans loved Olaf and Elsa too.

Thank these veterans and currently deployed troops for their brave service by upvoting the best military music videos and song parodies below - just one way you can support our troops!
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Women of USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) Sing 'That Don't Impress Me Much'

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US Troops in Afghanistan Sing 'Call Me Maybe'

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Deployed Troops Cover Adele 'Rolling in the Deep'

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Navy and Marines in Afghanistan Do a Gangnam Style Parody

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