20 Hilarious Posts From People Celebrating Valentine's Day

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Grand romantic gestures can go a long way, especially on Valentine's Day. However, sometimes the best way to express love is through a little bit of shared laughter. These posts from the subreddit r/funny are proof that Valentine's Day is best celebrated with a sense of humor. Vote up the funniest posts!


  • 1. Table For One Please

    Table For One Please
    Photo: u/porichoygupto / Reddit
    30 votes
  • 2. Make It Work

    Make It Work
    Photo: u/PJSamus / Reddit
    42 votes
  • 3. Lost In The Card Aisle

    Lost In The Card Aisle
    Photo: u/Erratic_Professional / Reddit
    35 votes
  • 4. An Unexpected Answer

    An Unexpected Answer
    Photo: u/Brandy_Alexander / Reddit
    34 votes
  • 5. A Surprise Pizza Order

    A Surprise Pizza Order
    Photo: u/chopped_broccoli / Reddit
    27 votes
  • 6. A Valentine From A Roommate

    A Valentine From A Roommate
    Photo: u/Jiminycricketmuncher / Reddit
    47 votes