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24 Hilarious Vegeta Memes About Our Favorite Prince of Saiyans

Updated December 21, 2020 16.4k votes 2.3k voters 131.2k views24 items

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True Dragon Ball fans know that Vegeta is the series' best character. What's not to love about everyone's favorite Saiyan Prince? Despite his tragic past, he was able to overcome his anger and pride in order to protect Earth. He has the best character development out of all the characters, going from a ruthless villain to a caring family man. It's not surprising that fans have taken to the Internet to create hilarious memes in his honor. And we've gathered some of the best ones on this list, ranked by your votes.

Whether it's poking fun at his signature widow's peak or his rivalry with Goku, these Vegeta memes will have you laughing your head off. Vote up the ones that you think are the funniest!