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A Student Passed His Final Exam By Hilariously Exploiting A Loophole In The Professor's Instructions

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Tests can be boring and often nerve-racking moments in a person's life. So it doesn't come as much of a surprise that since the dawn of time (okay, maybe a little later than that) students have been trying to find funny ways to ace a test, and usually, that's through ways of the cheating persuasion. It's something that everyone who has spent time in a classroom has seen at least once in their lives, and likely even attempted themselves, to varying degrees of success.

That's why today's story is such a relatable piece of news, in which one student managed to find a funny final exam loophole that practically guaranteed he would do well. And in case that weren't enough, it involves a student who almost cheated, but was even given the approval of his professor in doing so.

So for those of you who don't know, here's the story of one student with a giant note card, who managed to loophole his way into acing the first test of his college semester, and the teacher who was left awestruck by it all. 

  • It All Started With The First Test Of The Semester...

    As anyone who's ever gone through a semester of college knows, there are very few times quite as stressful as the days leading up to your first test, no matter what class it's for. That was indeed the case for Elijah Bowen, who was busy preparing for the first test of the semester at Anne Arundel Community College in Maryland earlier this year.

    The test was for his financial accounting class, overseen by Professor Reb Beatty. But while most students would have been busy trying to remember as much from the course as possible in time for the test, Elijah noticed a small possible loophole in Beatty's requirements, that would allow him to alleviate a fair amount of stress from the actual testtaking. 

  • ... And One Of The Professor's Yearly Traditions

    Photo: Reb Beatty

    The loophole came courtesy of a rule that Beatty included in his email instructions to the students, which allowed them to use a 3x5 index card for notes during their tests. This has been a yearly tradition for Beatty, whenever one of his classes are prepraring to take their first tests of the semester.

    The professor believes that it's a suitable enough test aid for anyone taking his financial accounting class, as it forces the students to try and write down all of the terms and rules of accounting in as organized a way as possible. 

  • Students Were Allowed To Bring A 3x5 Card

    Unfortunately for Beatty, his notes to the students about the 3x5 card just weren't quite specific enough, as Bowen was quick to notice. Because while the professor was obviously referring to a standard 3x5 inches card, the teacher never explicitly stated that the card had to be that size. Speaking with ABC News, Bowen said:

    "[Beatty] mentioned it in class first, and he said 'a 3 by 5 note card,' but he didn't say 'inches.' Then in every email that he sent to the students — he sends about four to five reminders — I saw that every single one said '3 by 5' and it never said '3 by 5 inches.' That's what sparked my idea."

    Thus began Bowen's plans for the test loophole of a lifetime.

  • Making The Cheat Sheet

    As a result of his discovery, Bowen began creating an elaborate and detailed 3x5 foot large poster, in preparation for the upcoming exam. This even included full pages and paragraphs copied and pasted onto the board from his previous lessons, so that he wouldn't have to cut nearly as many details as his fellow classmates would. 

    Pictured above, the poster ended up being a full-fledged cheat sheet that would come in handy for Bowen while taking the test. If Beatty actually allowed him to use it, that is.