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28 Funny "We're Closed" Signs That You Wouldn't Even Be Mad At

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As we've probably all experienced at some point, sometimes you drive all the way across town just to go to a certain store just to see that it's unexpectedly closed. That's the worst! Wouldn't it be great if there were at least a way shop owners could soften the blow of the bad news? Well as you'll see, several business owners have found a way to keep their customers happy even when they're not open via funny "we're closed" signs. Either that or they've found another way to piss you off after wasting your time. 

Here you'll meet a group of businesses and shop owners who managed to find a hysterical way to deliver the news that they have left the building. Whether you're a business owner yourself or you're just out for a good laugh, this hilarious collection of funny business signs will not leave you disappointed. 

From over-the-top going out of business announcements to funny closed signs, you're sure to find something here that'll make you remember these businesses fondly, even if you're never quite able to catch them open.

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    Indeed It Does

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    The "Yo I Got You!" Boy Finally Has His Bluff Called

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    . . . And People Who Passed 3rd Grade English

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    Whatever You Have to Tell Yourself

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