25 People Share Hilarious Stories Of What The Weird Kid Did In Their School

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Vote up the strangest stories of the "weird kid" in school.

Every school's got one. And if you don't know who it is, it might be you.

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    The Crow

    From Redditor u/four-mn:

    A kid at my highschool would perch on the back of his chair in the cafeteria, the way birds do. He never sat on the seat. He also wore a trenchcoat that would hang down to the ground while he perched and ate. If you tried to talk to him, he would hiss at you.

    He had incredible balance but freaked everyone out a little.

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    Together Forever

    From Redditor u/maryelizabeth_:

    Dressed up as Sonic everyday and ran through the halls as fast as he could.

    If I remember correctly, he briefly had a girlfriend who dressed up as Tails.

    From Redditor u

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    This Happened In Cooking Class? Sounds About Right.

    From Redditor u/humpty_dumpty1ne:

    He turned on the oven at home on full heat and opened the door just enough to put 1 finger in just to see what would happen. He left it in there long enough to cook his finger tip and had half the finger amputated once his mother caught him and took him to hospital.

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    It's Delicious

    From Redditor u/glorytotheempire:

    In marching band rehearsal, this kid would stand in the back and eat the sidewalk chalk they gave us to mark our spots on the concrete.

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    That's Enough Internet For Today (How Did This Happen In COLLEGE?!)

    From Redditor u/HalogenPie:

    Not sure if this really counts since we were in college but, I am sure she was the weird kid at every other level of school as well.

    I showed up to my first anthropology class and sat next to this weird looking girl. I didn't want to discriminate. She looked like a dirty hobo but hey, it was Colorado. Lot's of people look like dirty hobos. After a discreet sniff in her direction, I sat.

    Well, that was a big f***ing mistake. She took off her dirty sandal, and picked up her dirty foot, and proceeded to chew off her bigtoe nail.

    I absolutely did gather my things back up and go sit somewhere else. I will never forget the sound of her teeth breaking through toenail.

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    How Does It Taste?

    From Redditor u/Imamuffinz:

    He licked all the stairway rails.

    This kid has the immune system of a God becuase he never got sick. How the F***?