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11 Crazy Headlines That Will Make You Be Like Whoa

When it comes to writing news headlines, puns are common and hyperbole is everywhere. But sometimes, outrageous statements and inappropriate jokes slip past the editors, leaving readers confused. This list of the weirdest, funniest, strangest news headlines covers it all. From newspapers, to TV broadcasts, to online news sites, these headline writers were just having too much fun.

It seems every other headline on the Internet these days is the MOST SHOCKING, the craziest, and will absolutely seriously can you even believe it, blow your mind!!! But then there are crazy headlines like those on this list, that truly shock you when they encourage you to "hold on to your underwear" and bring you hard hitting journalism.

These news headlines are silly, pun-tastic, tell odd tales, and are generally... strange. Vote up the weirdest headlines below and always be careful around meatball subs.

  • 1. The Journey Of Self Discovery

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  • 2. You Don't Say?

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  • 3. I Bet It Does

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  • 4. Noted

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