22 Hilarious Examples of Wisdom from Little Kids

Where am I going in life? What's my purpose? Do I have to eat my vegetables? These are some very big questions – but some very small people might have the best answers to them. If you're currently struggling to find responses to some very important questions, look no further than these examples of funny wisdom from kids.

The mind of a child has a way of cutting through the sometimes overly complex fog of adult problems and making you see things more clearly. These notes from kids prove just that. The sad fact of the matter is one could argue that grown adults are actually way more prone to whining and moping than little kids. Don't believe it? Well, these funny kids notes should help put your life perspective back on the right track.

Take a look at this slideshow, and have a good laugh at the wisdom these kids share. Then, vote on your favorites – and sit up straight, would you! You're embarrassing yourself.