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These Delightful Wrapping Papers Will Make You Want To Leave Your Gifts Under The Tree All Year Long

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'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house...was the sound of your parents laughing as they wrapped your presents in funny wrapping paper. For those of you stressed out by the holidays, some hilarious wrapping paper may help to take the edge off. At least it will cover up the boxes up so your kids can't see the box containing the Nintendo Switch you bought them. Wrapping paper with funny patterns, ranging from animal puns to celebrity patterns, makes even the worst gifts feel like receiving knighthood from Queen Elizabeth. In a way, wrapping paper with jokes on it doubles as a weird but potentially heartfelt gift, so long as you plan correctly (don't wrap your gift for TSwift using Kanye West wrapping paper).

Included below is a trove of dirty wrapping paper patterns and wrapping paper with celebrities on it, patterns that would turn a smile out of Ebenezer Scrooge. Get ready to actually enjoy wrapping your presents this year.

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