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People Who Texted The Wrong Number At The Wrong Time

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We've all received various funny wrong number texts here and there, but these are the funniest wrong text messages ever sent. Maybe it's a person who didn't know they were given a fake number at a bar, or someone who honestly made a texting mistake, but sent a really embarrassing picture. Or maybe it's even someone aggressively threatening you, scaring the crap out of you and scarring you until they let you know that you're not the person they originally meant to harass. Either way, there's nothing not hilarious about a wrong-number text. Screencaps have come in from all walks of life to places like Reddit, Tumblr, 4chan, and the like, documenting the beauty of the wrong number accident text. 

The beauty of the mistaken number text lies in that it's not a phone call. Previously, when someone dialed a wrong number, they knew it immediately when either they failed to recognize the voice of the person on the other end or when they decided, once and for all, that yes, this was definitely a stranger. And at that point, the interaction was over. Everyone knew when they'd made a mistake. 

Now, when people text the wrong person, they won't know for a good long while that it wasn't their new friend, co-worker, or potential date they just sent that selfie to, but a complete stranger. 

The best responses come when those strangers choose to screw with the people sending the texts. This is a list of the best examples of funny wrong number texts, so vote for your favorites.

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    Poor Guy (The Second One)

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    Oh, This Is Just Cold

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    Well Done, Troops!

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    Missed Opportunity

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