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Hilarious Yard Signs You Wish Your Neighbors Had

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You've finally landed a salaried job and put a down payment on your first home. Congratulations! Now that you're part of a community, how are you going to let your neighbors know just where you stand on politics/solicitors/dogs/people who smoke cigarettes? How are you going to lure them to your garage sale to buy all your useless junk? What you need is a lawn sign, something that grabs attention and screams, "this is how I feel about things!" Whether it's to make them laugh with you or live in fear of you, a yard sign is an effective way to get your message across.

For the mere price of some poster board and markers, you can have your message heard without actually having to make any human contact at all. What a bargain! Some people are better at making these signs than others. So we've compiled the best of the best yard sign photos to give you some handy inspiration.

Take a look at this list of funny yard signs that cover all the bases: birthday announcements, politics, yard sales, and even the occasional shaming of a cheating spouse. Make sure to rank all your favorites, and if you see a funny yard sign about town or on the Internet, add it to the list and see how it stacks up!
  • 1. Shame On You, Linnie!

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  • 2. Fitness Is All About Being Realistic About Your Limitations

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  • 3. One Man's Trash Is Still Trash

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  • 4. Come for the Drama, Stay for the Bargains!

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