The Funniest Yelp Reviews Ever

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Obviously you use Yelp for its helpful hints and user-based assessments, but you may overlook the funny Yelp reviews that are far more entertaining than any restaurant can be on a first date. Because Yelp relies on the opinions of users, it makes sense people in the vein of both Internet trolls and Yahoo answerers are also allowed to use their voices on the platform. This results in weird Yelp reviews that get less helpful and more hilarious, similar to funny Amazon reviews that outshine the product itself. Thanks to the candor and prose of these Yelp reviews, you have something to do while you wait for that 1 am delivery to arrive.

The viral Yelp reviews on display below highlight some of the Internet's best qualities, that is, turning the mundane into something epic. By doing so, users imbue the website with more compelling content the way weird Tripadvisor reviews take you on an entirely different journey than the one you expected. Let weird Yelp reviews be your guide through the world of taco spirituality and which jail you should choose should you commit a felony.