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22 Mind-Boggling Examples Of "Zelda Logic"

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The Legend of Zelda games became an iconic Nintendo franchise that's made its way both into history and the hearts of gamers worldwide. While traveling through Hyrule on your epic adventures as Link, you're bound to notice more than a few things in Zelda that make no sense (even Legend of Zelda's story timeline doesn't make much sense). Instead of diving too deep into the rationality behind it all, gamers have embraced the wacky rationality found in the game, dubbing it "Zelda logic."

Sometimes, things just work differently in video games than they do in the real world, and the funny Zelda logic that Nintendo developers have wiggled into their game are absolutely no exception. Of course, fans who have noticed this logic have supplied the Internet with an arsenal of funny Zelda memes, giving a special commemoration to those rules that don't make sense. Be it a design flaw, player boundaries, or just plain ridiculous logic used to fill in the gaps in the story, these special and questionable gameplay quirks can always be appreciated with a bit of humor. Vote up your favorite silly rationales in Hyrule that would never fly in the real world. 

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    Slippery When Wet

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    Milk That Never Goes Bad

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    Underwater Breathing Made Easy

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    Weapon Crafting

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