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23 Hilarious Memes About Zenitsu From 'Demon Slayer'

Updated July 19, 2021 25.6k votes 3.3k voters 122k views23 items

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Fans of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba have differing opinions on Zenitsu. For some fans, they think his character is annoying given that he spends most of his screentime either fainting from fear or yelling his head off. For others, Zenitsu is hilarious, and his hidden Breath of Thunder Style takes the show on another level. Needless to say, Zenitsu steals the thunder in every scene he's in. It's not surprising that fans have taken to the Internet to create hilarious memes about him. And we've gathered some of the best ones on this list, ranked by your votes.

Whether you love his character or not, these Zenitsu memes will have you laughing your head off. Vote up the ones that you think are the funniest!

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    I Can Hear This Image

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    Inspired By Edvard Munch

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    A Standing Ovation For The VA

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