Furniture Designers

Furniture designers of note, from throughout history, ranked by home decor experts and fans. These are the top designers of home furnishings, chosen from throughout the world and contemporary history as the best designers in their field. Most of the significant brands and design houses in contemporary decor have been directly influenced, inspired or have worked with these furniture icons.

The furniture designers here have worked in nearly every category of home decor and design, creating unique chairs, tables, sofas, beds, desks and other accoutrements of the modern home. Be sure to improve the list by voting for your favorite designers, giving them a chance to move up.

Furniture is typical thought of as a functional part of the home with a directly practical purpose - the dining room table, for example, or the recliner. However, these designers have elevated the development of home furnishings into a respected art form, bringing a sense of style to otherwise utilitarian pieces. Many of them use unconventional materials, or integrate unexpected features into their designs, to make their creations stand out. This list attempts to collect the most influential, important, visionary furniture designers into a single, helpful reference guide.
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