Which 'Futurama' Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

If you're a fan of zany sci-fi cartoons, pop culture, and the cosmic forces of the universe, then focus your geeky sights no farther than the compilation of Futurama characters as zodiac signs for a full dose of astrologically nerdy goodness. Your zodiac sign can say a lot about you, even which Futurama character you are. Filled to the brim with stellar amounts of interplanetary deviance, extraterrestrial lore, and just as many tears as laughs, Futurama's cast is packed with enough personality to power through whatever working for a futuristic delivery service has to throw at them.

Each one of the endearingly messed up Futurama character personality types pairs perfectly with one of the 12 zodiac signs. With the help of the solar system, people can stop speculating over the reasons why these cartoon characters pull off such crazy stunts and just accept that their actions are written in the stars.

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  • Aries charges head-on in to any challenges life has to throw at them. Turanga Leela is a spunky and courageous mutant who can always get the job done. Just like the unstoppable ram of the zodiac, Leela's energy is bold and determined, driven by both her temperment and sheer willpower.

  • Taurus is a cosmic bull that loves to luxuriate in the finer things life has to offer - just like Philip J. Fry I, Futurama's protagonist from the 20th century.

    No matter if it's at work or at home, Fry takes his sweet time loafing around, preferring the luxury of his couch and a can of Slurm over any actual responsibilities.

  • A loving, caring businesswoman in the public eye and a deviant, plotting capitalist behind closed doors, Mom's two-faced persona makes her the perfect Gemini.

    Living a double life is no problem, though. As masters of communication, Geminis can talk their way around whatever they please, even the corporate future.

  • Symbolized by the celestial crab, Cancers are watery buckets of emotion. Their outer shell serves as a hardened barrier for whatever the wild world decides to throw at their delicate insides.

    Kif Kroker is an alien who is super in-touch with their sensitive side. His timid relationships with others, including his love interest Amy Wong, shows the true reclusiveness of a Cancer. 

  • Leo (July 23 - August 22): Zapp Brannigan

    A Leo is only comfortable as long as they're the center of attention. They're no strangers to exaggeration, dramatics, and, in Zapp Brannigan's case, flashy space suits.

    Zapp's arrogance demands that he is the star of his own show. If he doesn't feel like he is getting the attention he deserves, he'll make sure that he gets it - one way or another.

  • A natural-born bureaucrat and the quick-witted accountant of Planet Express, Hermes Conrad has all of the patience and dedication necessary to handle an interstellar shipping company ran by a crew of clowns.

    For Virgos, keeping things orderly makes them feel at peace. While their strive for perfectionism might make them come off as uptight, they're just trying to make sure that everything keeps running smoothly.