Small Continuity Details From 'Futurama' That Fans Noticed

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Futurama, which first aired in 1999, has become one of the most popular animated series of all time. That's despite the fact that it was canceled by Fox. Fans didn't stop trying to get it back, which led to four new movies and three additional seasons. The show, which moved to Comedy Central, ended in 2013.

Many fans have watched the episodes numerous times, and some have noticed small continuity details linking one episode to another. After all, the show is all about linking the 20th century to the 30th, and the writers of Futurama dropped hints and allusions throughout the series. This list includes some of the more interesting continuity details about the show that some of the more scrutinizing fans noticed. 

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    Nibbler First Appeared In The Pilot Episode

    Even if you saw it in the pilot, you wouldn't have recognized Nibbler, but fans like u/CantStandIdoits made the connection far earlier than most:

    Nibbler's shadow appears in Futurama S1E1 "Space Pilot 3000." This foreshadows the season 4 episode "The Why of Fry" in which it is revealed Nibbler is the reason why Fry was frozen.

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    Fry And Leela's Cart From Season One Returned In Season Ten

    Redditor u/DiirtySquirrel spotted something familiar in the lunar dust:

    Abandoned amusement park cart on the Moon.

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    A Funny Comment Made By Fry Came Back Around 46 Episodes Later

    Redditor u/writeprompter potted one of Fry's girlfriends he referenced seasons before in a throwaway comment:

    Fry's girlfriends.

    I'm going to jump on your top comment in hopes that maybe someone will actually see this. But in addition to this being continuity, it's also foreshadowing. Leela says that it was just a radiator, so how could it show up at Fry's funeral? Because it's all a fever dream inside Leela's coma.

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    Bender's Ability To Literally S**t Bricks Was Explained After Ten Seasons

    Redditor u/Akashic101 noticed a familiar shape hidden beneath Bender's butt-plate in the final season that referred to a scene in the pilot episode:

    Bender is still able to s**t bricks, even after 10 seasons.