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19 Futurama Fan Theories That Are Just Crazy Enough To Be True

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If you like Futurama, then you'll probably love these Futurama fan theories. When fans think about shows, we all benefit. Especially when they come up with theories as great as these.

Some fans wonder if the entire show is just one long dream sequence, and others focus more on the impossibility of death. Is Hermes working undercover? Does Bender only drink beer so he can look cool? Whatever speculations you subscribe to, there are tons of Futurama theories out there. Some of them are totally outlandish and seem highly unlikely, while others are practically canonical at this point. Of course, not everyone likes fan theories. Some purists only like things that happen definitively in the show. For them, evidence is key and speculation is the enemy.  

A lot of the evidence for these fan theories comes from the Easter eggs the writers spread all over the show. From hidden meanings and character appearances from other shows to comical jabs at current events, Futurama Easter eggs have it all.

It's time to brush up on your Futurama trivia. Check out these great fan theories below. 

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    Accidentally Dying Is Nearly Impossible In Futurama

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    The possibility of death is really just a minor inconvenience in the Futurama universe. According to this theory, life in Futurama is like life as a Grand Theft Auto character. You can get hurt, really badly sometimes, but you really have to go out of you way to die. Medicine has evolved so much by the year 3,000 that it's nearly impossible for people to die by mistake. This is why the universe offers things like suicide booths. When people really want to die, there's actually a way for them to do it. 

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    'Futurama' And 'Disenchantment' Are In The Same Universe

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    Shortly after Futurama came to an end, series creator Matt Groening released Disenchantment on Netflix. Both shows are similar in style and humor, only they take place in separate centuries. In the season 1 finale of Disenchantment, Luci uses a crystal ball to rewind time. As he does this, Fry, Bender, and the Professor appear as they did in the Futurama episode "The Late Philip J. Fry" when they used a forward propelling time machine.

    The Nerdist suggests that since the time machine cannot visit the past, and Disenchantment takes place in medieval times, the reason Fry, Bender, and the Professor appear is because they traveled to the end of the universe where it restarted with Disenchantment. 

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    Bender Turns Into a Criminal In the First Episode

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    This is one of the most popular theories when it comes to Futurama. It suggests that Bender was actually a relatively good person before he met Fry. But, during their first encounter, Bender is electrocuted. The shock reboots Bender's circuits and disables much of his programming. To compensate for this, he adapts to his current surroundings: the Hall of Criminals. As a result, Bender reprograms himself as a criminal. 

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    The Worms Really Did Change Fry

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    There's an early episode where Fry eats a bad sandwich and gets worms as a result. Instead of making him sick, though, the worms make him amazing at just about everything. Leela falls in love with this new version of him, but when he eventually gets rid of the worms and returns to normal, she loses interest again. One fan theory suggests that this was a turning point for fry. From that moment on, he progresses in many aspects of his life and becomes much more mature. His whole growth from that episode on is a result of the worms showing him his true potential. 

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